Baltimore homicide closure rate near 50 percent, but figure is complicated


The Baltimore Police rate of closed homicides stands at about 49 percent for the year — but that doesn't mean half of this year's killings have been solved. About one-quarter of killings this year have resulted in handcuffs and charges against a suspect. The rest of the cases closed are killings...

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CNN reports:

Is Donald Trump's approval rating really 50 percent?

CNNIs Donald Trump's approval rating really 50 percent?CNNWashington (CNN) President Donald Trump, as you may have noticed during his two years in politics, is an avid consumer of polls -- especially when they make him look good. It's no surprise then that on Monday morning Trump retweeted this tweet from the ...The number of Americans who think Trump keeps his promises is plummetingWashington PostGallup Daily: Trump Job ApprovalGallupDaily Presidential Tracking PollRasmussen Reportsall 35 news...

Breitbart reports:

Trump’s Approval Ratings Jump to 50 Percent

President Donald Trump’s approval ratings have improved to 50 percent according to the latest Rasmussen poll.

TheHill reports:

Trump touts poll showing 50 percent approval rating

President Trump on Monday touted a Rasmussen poll showing his approval rating at 50 percent.Trump retweeted The Drudge Report, which linked to the survey from the ...