They Say Trust Can Be Rebuilt

by New Haven Independent

Crime is down in New Haven, but several high profile clashes among police officers, ordinary residents and protesters have resown seeds of mistrust between officers and the communities they’re sworn to protect.

How can that trust be regained? By not giving up on the community, the police, or the concept of community policing.

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Daily Kos reports:

Missouri says no to federal money so it can say yes to restricting abortion

For women seeking abortions in Missouri, things just got even harder. For years, the state assisted low-income women in paying for family planning through a Medicaid program called Extended Women’s Health Services—a program funded by both the federal and state government. But now, a new law rejects $8.3 million in federal funds to the women’s health program, which means the state can now block all organizations in the state that provide abortions, including hospitals. 

Other states,...

The Washington Times reports:

Ted Poe, Freedom Caucus defector, says: We can’t keep saying ‘no’

Rep. Ted Poe said Monday the reluctance of the House Freedom Caucus to agree to a compromise on a health care bill convinced him it was time to sever ties with the group, arguing they are getting in the way of progress. The Texas Republican said members of the very ...

Business Insider reports:

Juicero says you can mail your $700 juicers back for a refund if you were outraged to learn you can squeeze its juice packs by hand

Juicero, the maker of a high-tech juicing machine, is offering full refunds to customers who are upset to learn that its juice packs can be squeezed by hand.

In a lengthy blog post on Medium on Thursday to address the hand-squeezing controversy, Juicero CEO Jeff Dunn promised to take back machines from any customer who "feels that we aren’t making it easier, more enjoyable and delicious to form a healthy habit."

"If you send us your Press, we’ll refund the money you paid for it. Period," he...