• Photos: Swoon's New Gallery Show Jumps Right Off The Canvas

    Swoon has never put much stock in convention, and in To Accompany Something Invisible, her upcoming gallery exhibition, the entirety of her artistic process in all its entangled beauty is on display. The show, which opens at SoHo's Allouche Gallery this Thursday (4/27), features prep sketches and early-draft paper cutouts that Swoon usually only utilizes as creative tools; the ends and means are one and the same. With these new works Swoon (aka Caledonia Curry) has made bits of crucial elements...

  • LIRR, NJ Transit Face Delays Due To Amtrak Electrical Problems At Penn Station

    Commuters heading to Penn Station on NJ Transit, Long Island Rail Road or Amtrak are facing what is becoming an increasingly common event: Delays because of issues with Amtrak infrastructure. Tonight's problem is, according to NJ Transit, "due to Amtrak overhead wire problems between the yard and [Penn Station] in East River Tunnel." [ more › ]

  • Extra, Extra: The Difference Between Old Millennials & Young Millennials

    Because the media bubble is extra bubbly, check out today's end-of-day links: Trump's sanctuary city effort blocked, doggos language, Comedy Central trolls Mar-a-Lago, real life action hero Tom Hardy, Amtrak Penn Station repairs, and man wrangles 10 kittens. Don't forget to follow Gothamist on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat, and like us on Facebook. You can also get the top stories mailed to you—sign up here. [ more › ]

  • Behold, Brooklyn's Cherry Blossom Trees FROM ABOVE

    The Brooklyn Botanic Garden's cherry blossom trees are looking pretty, pretty good... but could they look better? With a little change is perspective, we can now see the cherry blossom trees as the pigeons would. That is, from above, not with all the ultraviolet light. Still looks pretty great with the portion of the light spectrum humans are able to see, though: [ more › ]

  • State Senate Kills Bill Extending Human Rights Protections To Transgender NYers

    A New York State Senate committee killed a bill today that would have prohibited discrimination against individuals due to their gender identity or expression. [ more › ]

  • Report: Gentrification Brings Rapid Business Growth, But Unemployment Persists

    Rapidly gentrifying neighborhoods including Crown Heights and Central Harlem have experienced a business boom in the last fifteen years, but the influx of economic activity has not translated into adequate job opportunities for local residents of color, according to a new report from Comptroller Scott Stringer's office. [ more › ]

  • Some Landlords Allegedly Keep Cooking Gas Off For Months To Drive Away Unwanted Tenants

    Kristy Arroyo cooks with a pounding heart. She races around her kitchen from one hot plate to the next, unplugging the one that boils hot dogs so that she can start the one for potatoes. She has not forgotten the time when she left too many of the electric burners on at once, and smoke poured out of the wall’s outlet, as her three children played on the floor. [ more › ]

  • Bar Uni Exalts The 'Butter Of The Sea' In Greenpoint

    A new Greenpoint restaurant inspired by the "butter of the sea" opens Wednesday evening on Manhattan Avenue after several months in "soft opening" mode through neighborhood word-of-mouth. Owners Ben Pasquale and Shirley Yeo tapped two Morimoto alums—Jeremy Arias and Iman Khondker—to collaborate on a vision of Japanese "hospitality" at Bar Uni, creating a relaxed, izakaya-like spot for cocktails and Japanese whiskey alongside lots of seafood and composed dishes to complement the drinks. [ more ›...

  • Radiohead OK Computer Conspiracy Theory Alert: Threat Level Yorke

    It's been too long since we've indulged in a ridiculously comprehensive Radiohead conspiracy theory, but it's time to strap in for some [Radiohead] game theory: fans are abuzz that a series of mysterious "More Fear" posters, which have appeared in major cities around the world in recent weeks, are signs that the band is planning a 20th anniversary release for their classic, OK Computer. It's...just like... a jigsaw... falling into place... [ more › ]

  • Part Of Manhattan's East Side Is Getting A Gorgeous New Esplanade

    Mayor de Blasio announced today a new initiative that aims to narrow a mile-long gap on the East Side's section of the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway. The city says it will build a new esplanade between East 61st Street and East 53rd Street, offering at least some relief to cyclists and pedestrians on the East Side who've felt shortchanged, considering the Greenway's contiguous pathway over on the West Side. [ more › ]

  • Celebrate Ella Fitzgerald's 100th Birthday With Live Music, Timeless Recordings

    When Ella Fitzgerald—who would've turned 100-years-old today—first approached the Apollo stage in the winter of 1934, she didn't plan on singing. It was amateur night at the notoriously competitive venue, and the then-unknown teenager had thrown her name into the hat on a whim, only to be picked to perform after a popular local dance troupe. She'd initially signed up as a dancer, but abandoned the idea en route to the stage. [ more › ]

  • Seeking Compromise, Advocates Ask De Blasio To Phase In Half-Price MetroCards For Poor NYers

    Since last spring, transit advocates have urged Mayor de Blasio to fund a half-price MetroCard program for New York City's working poor—about 800,000 New Yorkers, excluding seniors and the disabled, who live at or below the federal poverty threshold. A joint study [PDF] released in conjunction with the campaign found that more than a quarter of low-income, working New Yorkers were unable to afford subway or bus fare at least once in 2015, impacting trips to work and school. For non-citizen New...