Bill Nye Is Back, and He Doesn’t Care If He Offends You

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From climate change to vaccines, ‘Bill Nye Saves the World’ isn’t afraid to tackle some of science's more controversial debates.

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@zerohedge reports:

Hedge Fund CIO: "The Market Doesn’t Care About Health Care. Poor People Care About Health Care"

From Eric Peters, CIO of One River Asset Management, here is a topical anecdote, as well as a review of the key events in the past week.

Weekend Notes

“Where’s the beef?” bellowed Biggie Too. “Health care, regulation reform, tax cuts – where’s it at?” continued the Chief Global Strategist for one of those too big to fail affairs.

“You boys were always gonna face this moment,” barked Biggie, sliding into a slow groove.

“But here’s the thing brotha. The market doesn’t care about health care -... reports:

I Don’t Care Who Dr. David Dao Is, He Doesn’t Deserve This

Like the rest of the world, I was horrified to see the viral videos emerging of a United Airlines passenger being violently dragged down the aisle by a few men with badges. As blood streamed down the passenger’s face, other terrified passengers begged the security officers to stop and look at what they’re doing to this seemingly now unconscious, beaten and bloody man.

The assaulted “re-accommodated” passenger refused to leave the plane not just because he was anxious to get back home to the land...

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The ‘garbage millennials’ narrative keeps coming back — but science doesn’t back it up

There are few things more satisfying than finding another reason that millennials are the worst. They're narcissistic, coddled, unpatriotic, racist, and nervous about free speech. And now, millennial men want a return to the nostalgic 1950s, with women in the kitchen, whipping up a nice quiche after a hard day on the line.

This is the story presented in Stephanie Coontz's Friday piece in the New York Times, "Do Millennial Men Want Stay-at-Home Wives,"which reports on evidence from the Council on...