Why I started a Facebook page with photos of nude female soldiers

by New York Post

Weeks after hundreds of US Marines were exposed for sharing explicit nude photos of female service members and veterans, the sleazy scandal continues on Facebook — and the former administrator of one such group told The Post it was all just a failed sting op. Tim Luckey, 43, served as the administrator of one of...

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Mother Jones reports:

A secret Marines Facebook group shared nude photos of female soldiers

The Unites States Marine Corps is scrambling to address the fallout from revelations over the weekend of a Facebook group where hundreds of nude photos of female servicemembers, veterans, and civilians were posted without their consent by other Marines. Military officials are reportedly investigating the matter, which has reignited discussions over the treatment of women in the military. The photo scandal comes two months after three female Marines became the first women to join the...

Jezebel reports:

Marines Shared Nude Photos Of Female Colleagues Via Secret Facebook Page

Active duty and retired members of the United States Marine Corps are being investigated for sharing nude photos of women—many of them fellow Marines—on a secret Facebook page. Some of these photographs were purportedly taken without the knowledge and consent of the subject.


Fortune reports:

Marines Shared Nude Photos of Female Colleagues in a Secret Facebook Group

The defense department is investigating reports that a number of military members shared nude photos of female colleagues on Facebook.