Did Aaron Hernandez Kill Odin Lloyd?

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Who did Aaron Hernandez kill and why? Since the latest Aaron Hernandez news on his death, many are looking back into the now deceased former New England Patriots player’s life and some are still asking, “Did Aaron Hernandez kill Odin Lloyd?” If you want answers, then keep reading to learn more.                                  

Who was Odin Lloyd?

Odin Lloyd was born in 1985 and moved to Dorchester, Massachusetts with his family.…

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The Inquisitr reports:

Odin Lloyd Murder: Aaron Hernandez May Have Killed Lloyd To Hide His Bisexuality, Report Claims

Odin Lloyd may have been murdered by Aaron Hernandez in 2013 so the NFL player could hide his bisexuality from the public, a new report citing law enforcement sources claims.

The suicide of Aaron Hernandez this week has cast new mystery on the 2013 killing that landed him behind bars, and the existence of a suicide note allegedly written to a gay lover reportedly has investigators looking back at Lloyd’s killing to see if there may have been another motive for that murder.


The Inquisitr reports:

Was Aaron Hernandez Bisexual? He May Have Killed Odin Lloyd to Keep His Secret

Aaron Hernandez was found dead from an apparent suicide on April 19, 2017. He was found hanging from his bed sheets. He also left suicide notes behind for his fiancé and four-year-old daughter and his prison boyfriend. Yes, that’s right! Aaron Hernandez was apparently bisexual and may have killed Odin Lloyd to keep his secret.

According to reports, Odin Lloyd may have known about Aaron Hernandez’s secret of being bisexual. It was a shock for Aaron Hernandez to commit suicide, seeing as how he...

Earn The Necklace reports:

Aaron Hernandez Bible Verse on Forehead: Did Anyone Kill Aaron Hernandez?

Former New England Patriot and a convicted murderer, Aaron Hernandez killed himself in prison on Wednesday (April 19). After a Bible verse was found written on his forehead, more questions have been raised about his death.

It was a shocking scandal when a football star with a bright future turned into a murderer. Aaron Hernandez shot another football player, Odin Lloyd for which he was convicted. Less than a week after he was acquitted of another double-murder, Hernandez …

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