Nintendo may release a SNES Classic Edition later this year

by TechRadar

It looks like Nintendo might release yet another miniature console to fuel your nostalgia.

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Highsnobiety reports:

Is Nintendo Releasing a SNES Classic Edition?

After announcing the end of the NES Classic Edition last week, and the subsequent crazy re-sell prices, there are rumors circulating that a new Nintendo release might be on the way. According to Eurogamer, sources close to Nintendo have confirmed that the game company is currently producing a SNES mini, aka a SNES Classic Edition, and it […]

Time reports:

Nintendo May Be Working On An SNES Classic

After unexpectedly cancelling its NES Classic reports:

Report: SNES Classic Edition Coming Out This Year

According to a report, you can expect the miniature console to (theoretically) be on store shelves this holiday season.