This Batman Page Is a Brilliant Dissection of How We Perceive Time in Comics

by Vulture

It’s hard to describe, much less understand, how time works in comics. It’s a medium built on static images, so you might assume that each panel represents a frozen moment in time. But that’s far from the truth.Consider, for example, the concept of the speech bubble: We’re supposed to believe



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‘The Walking Dead’ Execs Talk That Comic Book Time Jump

Credit: Gene Page/AMC     The Walking Dead ‘The Walking Dead’ Execs Talk That Comic Book Time Jump April 5, 2017 by 0 Shares Advertisement After the events of the war against Negan The Walking Dead comic books see a major time jump. But will we see the same thing on the show?   First of all, we likely wouldn’t see a jump until Season 9, since we still have to get through the rest of the war, after all. Still, the possibility of a jump is already weighing on showrunners’ minds.   Executive...