What Are You Watching?: Is Passengers intentionally creepy?

by @TheAVClub

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The third act of Passengers is lousy, but for the first hour and change, it’s actually a pretty interesting movie. Of course, it’s hamstrung by Morten Tyldum’s pedestrian direction (cue uninspiring exterior shot of a dumb-looking spaceship), but what recent studio film has created such an uncomfortable central conflict? You have this guy,...

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KOIN 6 reports:

Watch: United passenger dragged off flight

United said airline representatives chose four passengers at random when no volunteers agreed to leave the overbooked flight.

philstar.com reports:

WATCH: United Airlines passenger dragged from flight

CHICAGO — A video of police officers dragging the passenger from an overbooked United Airlines flight sparked an uproar Monday on social media.

ABC News reports:

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SMOOTH SKIES: Delta Airlines passengers were treated were treated to a surprise performance by saxophonist Kenny G after flight attendants asked passengers to help fund-raise for Relay for Life.