Bruce Springsteen unveils anti-Trump anthem That’s What Makes Us Great

by the Guardian

The Boss has put his longstanding antagonisms with the US president into a song, released with collaborator Joe Grushecky

While some artists choose to carefully sidestep political allegiances so as not to offend, Bruce Springsteen’s antagonism towards Donald Trump has long been known: now the rock star – who formerly labelled the US president “a moron”, and described his travel ban as “fundamentally un-American” – has put his political frustrations into song.

A collaboration between Springsteen...

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Time reports:

Bruce Springsteen Joins Joe Grushecky in Anti-Trump Anthem ‘That’s What Makes Us Great’

Grushecky said that Trump's mocking of a reporter with a disability drove him to write the song

Truth Revolt reports:

Springsteen Adds Voice to Anti-Trump Protest Song: ‘That’s What Makes Us Great’

Bruce Springsteen made his ire for President Trump quite clear earlier this year when he told his Australian fans he is “embarrassed to be an American.” And now, he’s telling America through song. reports:

Bruce Springsteen teams with Joe Grushecky for anti-Trump protest song 'That's What Makes Us Great'

The Pittsburgh rocker, a frequent collaborator with Springsteen over the years, wrote the anthemic answer to Trump slogan Make America Great Again.