Cocktail of the week: the Milanese G&T – recipe

by the Guardian

Or how to give that very British gin and tonic an air of Italian sophistication

Or how to give Britain’s favourite pre-dinner snifter a smart, and ridiculously simple, Italian makeover. Cin cin! Serves one.

25ml gin (I use Bulldog London gin)25ml CampariTonic water, to top2 lime wedges, 1 to squeeze, the other to garnish Continue reading...

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Cocktail of the week: pomegranate margarita – recipe

Pomegranate season is almost over, so let’s see it out with a bang

Fruity and sharp, like a margarita ought to be. If you like, give it a gently floral twist by replacing half the pomegranate juice with 10ml hibiscus iced tea. Serves one.

¼ lime, to coat the glass, plus 15ml juice35ml tequila (I use Olmeca Altos Plata) 15ml triple sec30ml pomegranate juice5ml agave syrup Continue reading...

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Cocktail of the week: the rue bourbon – recipe

An irresistible taste of New Orleans

This is a celebration of all the different cultures that make New Orleans such a glorious melting pot: the deep, rich US bourbon and Spanish PX mix with the herby northern European kummel to luscious effect. Serves one.

50ml bourbon (I use Woodford Reserve)10ml Pedro Ximenez sherry10ml Cocchi Americano1 tsp kummel (Wolfschmidt, ideally) 3 dashes Angostura bitters1 twist each lemon and orange Continue reading...

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Cocktail of the week: De pêche mode – recipe

Something old, something new: a must-try Mexican brew from the Temper team

Paying homage to Mexican drinks of old, but with new-wave sweetness, this goes perfectly with everything taco. It’s good enough to stand on its own two feet, too. Serves one.

40ml vodka (I use the East London Liquor Company’s)15ml crème de pêche (try Merlet)30ml pink grapefruit juice15ml fresh lime juice10ml simple sugar syrupSoda water, to top Continue reading...