Hunting the KGB Killers – gripping documentary more outrageous than a spy movie

by the Guardian

The extraordinary story of the poisoning of the former KGB agent whizzes by, while Inside the Freemasons explodes myths of a spooky cabal

Given current events, any insight into the way in which Russia operates on the world stage is worth paying attention to, so the timing of Hunting the KGB Killers (Channel 4) feels apt. This is a rigorous and gripping documentary that tells the story of what happened to former KGB officer Alexander Litvinenko, poisoned with one million times the lethal dose of...

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The Telegraph reports:

Hunting the KGB Killer review: a gripping and timely insight into the dark side of Putin’s post-Soviet superpower

That haunting photograph of Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko, physically ravaged and slowly dying in a London hospital from the world’s deadliest poison, was one of the defining news images of the Noughties.

BBC News reports:

Cleveland Facebook Live killer hunted by police

A search is under way for a man who broadcast the fatal shooting of a "random" victim on social media.

Mail Online reports:

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