Why Ivanka Trump isn’t doing a book tour for her upcoming “Women Who Work”

by Washington Post

Three words: "abundance of caution."

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PEOPLE.com reports:

Ivanka Trump Announces She’s Skipping Book Tour for Women Who Work and Donating Proceeds to Charity

First Daughter Ivanka Trump revealed Thursday that she is foregoing a promotional tour and any other publicity for her upcoming book, Women Who Work, and that she will donate proceeds from the project to charity.

The fashion mogul, who last month joined her father Donald Trump‘s administration as an assistant to the president, shared a statement with PEOPLE, saying: “In light of government ethics rules, I want to be clear that this book is a personal project. I wrote it at a different time in my...

www.rawstory.com reports:

Ivanka Trump lives in Washington, works at the White House but isn’t an employee subject to federal rules

Ivanka Trump is one of her father’s closest advisers. She moved from New York City to Washington, D.C., to be closer to his work, and was given a prime office in the White House. She’s been called the de facto first lady of the United States, but she technically doesn’t work for the government. Trump, who…

Fortune reports:

Ivanka Trump Foregoing Book Tour, Donating Book Funds to Charity

The First Daughter announced she will forego any publicity for her upcoming book, and will donate funds from the venture to charity