Palin receiving backlash for White House photo

by CNN

Sarah Palin is receiving backlash for a picture taken in front of former first lady Hillary Clinton's portrait at the White House with Ted Nugent and Kid Rock.

Read it at CNN reports:

White House releases official Melania Trump photo ‘taken in her new residence at the White House’

The White House on Monday released the “official” photograph of First Lady Melania Trump. Even though the first lady spends almost all of her time at Trump Tower in New York City, a statement from the White House referred to the White House as her “new residence.” “The ...

Daily Kos reports:

White House sends press release featuring White House praise for White House

Do you remember the last Republican National Convention, where private citizen after private citizen came up to praise Donald J. Trump and, uncannily, pretty much every one of them turned out to either be on Donald J. Trump's current payroll or was engaged in some financial venture with him? Team Trump has carried that grand tradition into the White House, with a press release praising their latest executive order filled out with quotes from da Team Trump people that wrote it.

“I am proud to... reports:

Photos: Nugent, Palin, Kid Rock Visit President Trump at White House

Trio pose in front of Clinton portrait during White House visit.