'Political Chemotherapy': Mark Cuban's brilliant description of Donald Trump

by CNN

Mark Cuban is, like Donald Trump, a flashy and controversial billionaire. He's also, to my mind, one of the most savvy analysts of Trump and the president's appeal out there.

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Fortune reports:

Mark Cuban Says Donald Trump's Presidency Is 'Political Chemotherapy'

Cuban isn't a Trump supporter, but he explained why others might be.

Breitbart reports:

Mark Cuban: Trump Is 'Political Chemotherapy' for the System

Friday on CNN’s “New Day,” billionaire businessman and “Shark Tank” star Mark Cuban said President Donald Trump was “political chemotherapy” for what the system. Cuban said, “You have to ask why do they support him and I think we’re coming to a greater understanding now. I call it political chemotherapy. One of my friends, who I always thought was really smart, I’m not saying he’s dumb,  but had a different viewpoint on why he voted for Trump. I didn’t expect him to vote for him. He said ‘Mark,...

Business Insider reports:

Mark Cuban is getting more serious than ever about politics — and in the age of Trump, the political world is starting to notice

Brian Snyder/Reuters

In private, Mark Cuban has started discussing his role in national politics with his family.

He told Business Insider, for instance, that he spoke with loved ones about his decision to campaign on the trail for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

"We discussed how much of a threat I believe Trump to be," Cuban said in an email. "We discussed why it was important to me to get involved — that if I could have an impact and didn't try, it would have left me...