Andrew McCutchen Sure Seems To Think He Still Belongs In Center

by Deadspin

Andrew McCutchen became a reluctant transplant to right field this season after he pretty much bombed out of center. The move happened after a long and cold standoff between McCutchen and the Pirates—one that very nearly led to him being traded—but eventually the Pirates “convinced” McCutchen to move over and let Starling Marte patrol center.

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Deadspin reports:

The East Still Belongs To The Cavs

The Cleveland Cavaliers have struggled mightily since the All-Star break, watching the Boston Celtics catch up with them atop the Eastern Conference standings thanks to their putrescent defense. Since getting throttled by the Spurs last week, the Cavs have stabilized and won three out of four, although they’ve given up over 100 points to the Magic, Sixers, and Pacers.

SFGate reports:

Colts’ Andrew Luck still not allowed to throw

Three months after undergoing shoulder surgery, the Indianapolis quarterback showed up for the opening day of offseason workouts looking fit, trim and minus the sling he’d been wearing to protect his right arm. Defensive tackle Henry Anderson, also a Stanford alum, wasn’t the same after coming back from a torn ACL in his right knee last year. After not playing football since Sept. 22, the Houston defensive lineman was more excited than anyone for the start of offseason workouts. After missing... reports:

Early signs not good for Andrew McCutchen in 2017

Two weeks into a new season, it's hardly a rosy outlook as the outfielder tries to rebound. Do pitchers still fear the former MVP? Has he lost a step?