Five teams that face brutal first half of the 2017 NFL season

by Washington Post

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Agent's Take: Five NFL teams that need to nail the 2017 NFL Draft

Can the Browns get it right? Can the Cowboys and Raiders build dynasties?

The Inquisitr reports:

NFL Draft 2017: What Time & Channel Is NFL Draft On? Live Stream & TV Viewing, First Round Team Order, Rumors

Plenty of NFL fans are ready to see which players their teams will choose for the NFL Draft 2017 on Thursday night. The latest installment of the NFL’s annual draft features a plethora of talented college prospects, but knowing which ones will pan out is anyone’s guess. As it stands, Texas A&M’s Myles Garrett continues to top lists of who the No. 1 pick will be, but NFL rumors have also suggested another name could be called first. The team order for the 30 teams could also end up being...

The Inquisitr reports:

NFL Schedules 2017: Which Teams have the easiest and toughest NFL schedules heading into 2017?

With the release of the official NFL schedules for every team in the league last night, football fans across the U.S. are already chomping at the bit for some NFL action!

With the 2017 NFL draft less than one week away and mini camps seemingly right around the corner, it’s pretty safe to say that most football fans are ready to begin the new NFL season right now. Just look at the buzz that hits NFL fans by simply finding out the NFL schedulewhich teams their favorite squad will face in the...