Hilarious Patriots sign turns into ESPN hate-fest

by New York Post

Small victories. A Twitter user denied ESPN the rights to use a Patriots-inspired photo from the Boston Marathon because he’s still salty over the Worldwide Leader’s coverage of Deflategate. Abdul Dremali, who goes under the handle @Advil on Twitter, tweeted a photo of someone holding a sign on the streets of Boston. The sign resembled...

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NFL prospect test scores turn into ESPN-on-ESPN fight

The battlefield for this week’s ESPN-on-ESPN skirmish is NFL Draft exams. Seven days before the event kicks off in Philadelphia, a pair of ESPN colleagues bickered Thursday over how far is too far when critically evaluating NFL prospects. Soon after ESPN’s sports business writer Darren Rovell shared a comparison chart that unfavorably compared the low Wonderlic test scores...

Business Insider reports:

These are the signs that your boss secretly hates you

We all want to be liked at work, especially by our bosses.

These are the people who make decisions regarding our promotions and pay raises, formally review our performances, and as a result, could play a significant role in our overall happiness and success.

So if they don't like you, you'll want to know so you can try to turn things around. However, that's not always so easy.

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Chicago Sun-Times reports:

I didn't hate welfare, but hated being on it

my poverty and the need to feed my children in the absence of my ability to find work necessitated that we go on the government dole. I hated it.