Big Data Exposes Big Falsehoods

by MIT Technology Review

Analysis by Semantic Visions reveals intriguing differences between Russian and Western commentary about the shooting down of an airliner in 2014.

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VentureBeat reports:

How AI finds big value in big data

Bots can augment human interaction, create greater business efficiencies, and remove friction from customer interactions. It's a market that has already rolled up $24 billion in funding for companies at every stage, from startup to multinational. Industry leaders from IBM to Facebook are making big efforts to take advantage, spending significant resources to encourage developers to create new bots that enable more personalized customer interactions. In March 2016, Cisco announced the Spark...

ZDNet reports:

Kafka channels the big data firehose

Kafka has emerged as the open source pillar of choice for managing huge torrents of events. The challenge is refining the tooling and raising the game on security beyond basic authentication.

Fortune reports:

Delphi Pushes Deeper Into the Business of Big Data

Delphi has wrapped up a trio of strategic agreements and investments as the auto parts maker seeks to strengthen its portfolio.