Facebook wanted ‘visceral’ live video. It’s getting live-streaming killers and suicides.

by Washington Post

A Cleveland shooting illustrates the dark side of the social-media network’s live-video service.

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The Inquisitr reports:

Steve Stephens’ Facebook Live Video Hoax: Conspiracy Theorists Claim Cleveland Facebook Killer’s Video Is Fake

Steve Stephens has not been captured yet, as of this writing. That has given ample time for conspiracy theories about the suspected Cleveland killer of Robert Godwin, whose horrific death was broadcast on Facebook and spread around the Internet, to proliferate about the Stephens Facebook video being a fake hoax. As seen in the above Associated Press image, Steve’s childhood home is displayed on the left as neighbors of Stephens speak to one another down the street in Cleveland, Ohio, on Monday,...

The Inquisitr reports:

Ehab Jaber’s Facebook Live Video Gets 8.2K Views: Muslim-American Man With Guns Leaves Christian Conference

The following Facebook Live video features Ehab Jaber, a man who claims his name is John Smith in the Facebook Live video. As seen in the following video, which was posted to Ehab’s Facebook page on April 9, at 8:09 p.m., Ehab wears a shirt that says the following words about being a Muslim-American man who open-carries guns and also concealed-carries weapons. Although Jaber’s shirt claims that he was only dangerous to “stupid” people, the amount of guns and magazines and weaponry that Ehab...

The Inquisitr News reports:

Arjun Bhardwaj Suicide: Man Posts Bizarre Facebook Live Video Before Committing Suicide

Arjun Bhardwaj, a 24-year-old man committed suicide by jumping off the 19th floor of a building minutes after he posted a live video on Facebook