Microsoft has a plan to beat Chromebooks at their own game

by Engadget

Microsoft is holding an education-focused event on May 2nd, and speculation has indicated that we might see Windows 10 Cloud for the first time. The software is pegged as a low-resource platform that could compete with Google's Chrome OS, which has b...

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Fortune reports:

Microsoft Plans Chromebook Killer for Education Market

Report cites document outlining new Windows 10 devices for the education market.

TechRadar reports:

Leak shows Microsoft’s plans for its Chromebook rivals

A spilled internal document has shown how Windows 10 Cloud portables will shape up in terms of components.

Business Insider reports:

The Lyft founder’s game plan for beating Uber: 'We’re woke' and a 'better boyfriend'

Uber's is getting battered by a never-ending bad news cycle that's featured everything from accusations of sexual harassment to a lawsuit by one of its own investors.

That's created a big opening for Lyft, Uber's main ride-hailing rival in the US, to capitalize on the situation.

So what's Lyft's master plan? According to Lyft's founder, it all boils down to one word: Woke.

“We’re woke. Our community is woke, and the U.S. population is woke," Lyft president John Zimmer said in an interview with...