Cramer: It doesn't seem like Trump is getting through to Ryan on the urgency of tax reform


"The House doesn't sense a lot of urgency to the economic plan is the way I look at it," Jim Cramer says.

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Salon reports:

Don’t be fooled by Donald Trump’s “tax reform” talk — just like Trumpcare, his plan is a massive tax cut for the rich

Democrats prepare to steal the offense on Trump's tax reform: A red line must be drawn on tax cuts for the wealthy

Daily Kos reports:

Move over Ryan: Team Trump's taking over on tax reform

This should be fun. Coming off the healthcare debacle, popular vote loser Donald Trump is still searching for his first big win as pr*sident. Next up is tax reform and Team Trump isn't gonna make the mistake of letting the House steer its fortunes again. Politico writes:

The White House is eager to move on and hopes a more hands-on approach will avert another legislative failure — even if the details of the tax plan are far from figured out.

Just on Thursday, President Donald Trump huddled...

Breitbart reports:

Report: Trump Moves to Own Tax Reform Plan Without Speaker Paul Ryan

Politico reported Thursday that President Donald Trump, chastened by his experience pushing for the failed Ryancare bill, is moving forward on tax reform with is own economic team in the lead--not Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI):