Donald Trump’s First Quarter Gallup Poll Numbers Lowest In History

by The Inquisitr

A new Gallup poll finds President Donald Trump’s first quarter average approval rating stands at just 41 percent, 20 points lower than the historical average for all presidents.

Trump’s paltry average rating is also the lowest of any president since Gallup began conducting the survey 74 years ago. His average rating is also 14 points lower than Bill Clinton, the previous president to hold the lowest rating at 55 percent.

Pollsters noted Trump’s predecessor Barack Obama held a 63 percent...

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The Washington Times reports:

Donald Trump’s approval rating hits new low in Gallup poll

President Trump's approval rating has hit a new low in the latest Gallup poll. Gallup released a survey Monday that showed Mr. Trump's approval ranking fell to 36 percent during the three-day period that coincided with the GOP's health care debacle — putting him 2 percentage points below ...

Deadline reports:

Fox News Clocks Record Ratings As Cable News Nets Enjoy Donald Trump’s First Quarter In White House

Donald Trump’s White House may not yet be experiencing all that “winning” he promised.

But you know who is?

Cable news.

Fox News Channel, for instance, clocked its biggest quarterly total-viewer crowd in its history. The network launched in October of 1996.

FNC’s flagship primetime show, The O’Reilly Factor, claimed the biggest quarter total-viewer tally for any program in cable news history, 4 million viewers.

In every timeslot, from 6 AM and 11 PM, FNC logged its…

Washington Post reports:

Sean Spicer and Stephen Bannon’s poll numbers are even worse than Trump’s

Some really bad numbers.