In Pictures: Protesters clash in streets with Venezuelan cops


Tensions in Venezuela have escalated recently as people flooded the streets protesting the regime of President Nicolas Maduro.

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The Telegraph reports:

Venezuelan protesters clash with security forces

Protesters clashed with security forces during protests in Venezuela on Saturday after a ban on a top opposition leader from office breathed life into a fractured movement and fueled the first sustained anti-government demonstrations since 2014.

Time reports:

Venezuelans Are Taking to the Streets Again to Protest President Nicolas Maduro

It comes a day after the biggest anti-government demonstration in years

Breitbart reports:

Venezuelans Take the Streets Again After 'Mother of All Protests' Leaves Teen, Soldier Dead

The Venezuelan opposition called for a second "mother of all marches" on Thursday from the same 26 rally points from which hundreds of thousands took the streets to demand an end to socialism on Wednesday.