Killer big cat fears as brutally butchered deer is found by dog-walker

by Mail Online

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGE. The find of the body appears to confirm rumours that a deadly creature such as a puma or panther is stalking the St Albans area in Hertfordshire.

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International Business Times UK reports:

Are cats smarter than dogs? Watch Coco the cat solve an IQ puzzle for dogs

She only cheated a little bit. reports:

A new finding that redraws the dinosaur family tree is like someone telling you that neither cats nor dogs are what you thought they were, and some of the animals you call "cats" are actually dogs.

New research on the creatures’ family tree could “shake dinosaur paleontology to its core.”

Mashable reports:

This dog that was raised with cats loves hanging in a cat tree

While the rivalry between cats and dogs may very well live on forever, the truth is, some felines and pooches get along just fine. Besides, a cat and a dog are definitely not the oddest of animal friends.

Redditor TheOrdner shared a photo of their dog to r/aww on Thursday, which they say was raised with two cats around the house.

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Nothing to see here. Just a very normal doggo doing normal doggo things.

TheOrdner also revealed...