One chart that shows the weird, vexing mystery of this economy


The biggest debate going on over the economy is whether to believe the 'soft' data or the 'hard' data.

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Business Insider reports:

One of Apple's most underappreciated businesses is exploding — this chart shows how much (AAPL)

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Apple makes most of its money by selling gadgets with hefty margins, like the iPhone or Mac computers.

But increasingly, the company and its investors want to make money by selling online services to Apple's existing base of iPhone users. 

Apple's services business generated $26 billion in sales in 2016. A new projection from Credit Suisse analysts led by Kulbinder Garchasee sees it growing to $52 billion by 2020.

"Services are becoming a larger part of our business, and we...

The Telegraph reports:

From the EU referendum to Article 50: the charts that show how the UK's economy has performed

The supposedly negative effect that Brexit would have on the UK's economy was the central message of the Remain campaign in the build-up to last June's historic referendum.

Business Insider reports:

One poll shows Trump's stunning impact on the way Republicans feel about the US economy

Republicans have become much more confident in the US economy since the election of President Donald Trump. And a new poll shows Trump's win may have even changed the way they see the past.

The poll, from the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel showed that by 54 percentage points, GOP voters in Wisconsin believed the economy has gotten "better" over the last 12 months. When asked in October, GOP voters were 28 points more likely to believe it had gotten "worse" over the past 12 months.