Steve Stephens’ Cleveland Update: Family Of Facebook Killer’s Victim Doesn’t Hate Steve – 911 Call Released

by The Inquisitr

Steve Stephens should turn himself in because Steve isn’t hated by the family of Robert Godwin, says the victim’s family, as seen in the below video interview with Don Lemon of CNN. Instead of hating Stephens, who has been dubbed the Cleveland Facebook killer, Godwin’s family spoke about forgiveness and love and all falling short of God’s glory as Robert’s family quoted Scripture and spoke of leaning on God to get through this difficult time. Godwin’s ex-wife called Robert her best friend, and...

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The Inquisitr reports:

Steve Stephens’ Facebook Live Video Hoax: Conspiracy Theorists Claim Cleveland Facebook Killer’s Video Is Fake

Steve Stephens has not been captured yet, as of this writing. That has given ample time for conspiracy theories about the suspected Cleveland killer of Robert Godwin, whose horrific death was broadcast on Facebook and spread around the Internet, to proliferate about the Stephens Facebook video being a fake hoax. As seen in the above Associated Press image, Steve’s childhood home is displayed on the left as neighbors of Stephens speak to one another down the street in Cleveland, Ohio, on Monday,...

The Inquisitr reports:

Steve Stephens ‘Stevie Steve’ Facebook Live Video Of Cleveland Murders: Facebook Deletes Account [Graphic]

The Facebook page of Steve Stephens “Stevie Steve” has been deleted completely as of this writing. The post that was found at and the Stevie Steve Facebook page was quickly deleted, however, the horrific video has been downloaded from Facebook and re-uploaded to Heavy.

Warning: The video showing Stevie approaching an older man in Cleveland and asking him to say the name “Joy Lane” and then shooting and apparently killing the man in cold...

The Inquisitr reports:

Cleveland Facebook Killer Contact Made – Steve Stephens Refused Surrender

The manhunt for the Cleveland Facebook killer spread across four states earlier today and now it’s gone nationwide as this cold-blooded killer is still at large. Authorities have prompted the public in four states to be alert and on the lookout for Steve Stephens and his car. Police are now asking for the public’s help in locating Stephens as the urgency grows to find this guy before he hurts or kills someone else. The Cleveland Facebook killer could be just about anywhere in the nation as of...