Bill O'Reilly to get payout up to $25 million: Reports

by ABC News

Bill O’Reilly could receive a payout as high as $25 million as he exits his role at Fox News, media reports said.

The Financial Times and others reported on Thursday that O’Reilly would receive the sum -- “equivalent to one year’s salary” -- from 21st Century Fox, Fox News’ parent...

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Chicago Sun-Times reports:

Bill O'Reilly may get $25 million payout: reports

The amount is equal to about a year's salary for O'Reilly, who was formally let go Wednesday over allegations of sexual harassment.

Fortune reports:

Bill O'Reilly Could Get a Payout of $25 Million From Fox News

The equivalent of one year of his salary.

@zerohedge reports:

Bill O'Reilly Gets $25 Million From Fox News As Final Payout

With Bill O’Reilly officially ousted by Fox News, there was speculation whether the former Fox anchorman would receive a lump sump payout as a parting settlement considering that O'Reilly signed a new 4 year contract just before being ousted. It has now been confirmed by FT and CNN that indeed, O'Reilly will get a payout of $25 million, equivalent to one year’s salary, as part of his exit settlement with 21st Century Fox.

“The amended contract provides for Bill to receive a maximum of one...