'Each one of us forgives the killer' says Robert Godwin Sr's family amid US-wide hunt for Steve Stephens

by International Business Times UK

'Even in his worst state, he's loved by God,' said daughter Tonya Godwin-Baines.

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RedState reports:

Family Of Facebook Murder Victim Speaks: "Each One of Us Forgive The Killer"

The family of Robert Godwin, the victim of a senseless attack on Easter Sunday that the killer aired live on Facebook, spoke to CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Monday and shared a message of forgiveness and faith. “The thing that I would take away most from my father is he taught us about God. How to fear God. How to love God and how to forgive. | Read More

International Business Times UK reports:

Family of Facebook Live killer victim Robert Godwin say he was 'a good man'

The 74-year-old was shot to death at random on a street in Cleveland.

The Inquisitr reports:

Forgiving The Facebook Killer: Steve Stephens' Ex Girlfriend Joy Lane Meets Godwin's Children

Steve Stephens walked up to 74-year-old Robert Godwin and told him to say the name Joy Lane before he shot him in the head. The man known as the Facebook Killer asserted that Joy Lane, along with his alleged negligent mother, and a few other close friends were the cause for his killing spree. Steve Stephens claimed he killed 13 people in a 24 hour period but uploaded one chilling video to Facebook.

The beach whale standing next to him is Joy Lane or Joy Carr, check this out, she called him a...