'We are all Brenda': Hilarious video of shocked woman reacting to General Election news sparks empathy

by The Telegraph

It has certainly been a politically interesting few years - and many have election fatigue after the EU referendum.

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Mail Online reports:

Voter reacts with fury at news of early general election

A video has captured the fury of voters fed-up at news that Britain is going to have an early general election.

The Telegraph reports:

General Election 2017: 10 reasons why Brenda from Bristol should cheer up

Brenda from Bristol captured the hearts of the nation when she complained "not another one" about the fact that we are having to pay attention to and vote for yet another election.

Mashable reports:

This woman's outraged response to the general election has gone gloriously viral

When it comes to politics, British people agree on very, very little.

But there's one thing they do agree on: Brenda from Bristol is the new hero the nation so badly needs.

On Tuesday, shortly after Britain had been thrown into chaos over Theresa May's general election announcement, BBC journalist Jon Kay took to the streets of Bristol to get reactions from the public.

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Here's the moment he informed a woman named Brenda...